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'Justice' Done Right

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who ragged on the first season of Cartoon Network's Justice League for its dull characters and uninspired stories. The amazing thing is that Bruce Timm and his fellow producers actually seem to have listened. Now that Timm and co. have ditched whatever Kryptonite was sapping the writers' skills, the first few episodes of Justice League's second season are finally starting to live up to the show's Emmy-winning predecessors. The characterization is meatier, the plots tackle bigger and bolder ideas, and the fight scenes are more impressive but feel less gratuitous. Wonder Woman's still an idiot, but at least now she's kind of charming about it. Batman's as spectacularly antisocial as ever. And Superman? Where once he got hit and fell down a lot, now he says things like, "I'm not stopping until you're a greasy smear on my fist." Now that's truth, justice and the American way. If you're feeling nostalgic for the days when you ran around in Underoos, hour-long episodes air Saturday nights at 10 ET.


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