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Scout's Honor

I'm watching Survivor tonight because of long, boring technical issues nobody needs to know about, and the point is, all these clowns are new to me, like the hippie slob who prattled on about how he liked to "be able to fill people up" -- and just hearing that makes me dread what the next peek at his subconscious will be like -- and the chattering little girls, and the marketing guy who is clearly hoping to be the evil mastermind who's also a people person. And then there's this Lill person, who's prancing around the island in a Boy Scout uniform.

The Boy Scouts of America are apparently okay with this, which boggles my mind. This is the same organization that boots fine, upstanding young men who happen to be gay or atheist, but they apparently have no problem with letting some woman in their uniform run around on a reality show, holding conversations in which she advocates lying and scheming against people and generally disregarding the trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly and courteous parts of the Boy Scout Law, what with their notes: "A Scout tells the truth. He is honest ..." and "A Scout is true " and "[he] willingly volunteers to help others without expecting payment or reward" and "[he] treats others as he wants to be treated."

I can see cutting Lill some slack on "A Scout is clean," since it's not like Kohler is co-sponsoring the show. But I am still baffled how a national organization can drive out otherwise outstanding young men for failing to conform to an ideal of pious heterosexuality and yet let a representative wear their uniform on national television as she schemes for cash money.

O, Survivor, damn you for making me question civic institutions!


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