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I'd Hate to See Him at a Bris

So the kids have started watching -- and therefore by extension, I have started watching -- Justice League, and this weekend they aired the episode where Superman is killed*. At his funeral, various crimefighters are decked out in various gear: Wonder Woman has either joined a seedy Vegas revue or is wearing Themyciran formal wear; Hawkgirl and the Flash are wearing their normal costumes, but, hey, maybe they're considered funeral-appropriate; I suspect Martian Manhunter doesn't actually have any other clothes.

But, Jesus, Aquaman didn't even bother to put on a shirt. Way to show respect there, Fish Boy.

* Yes, yes, not killed but hurtled forward in time, only to meet Vandal Savage and giant, mutant cockroaches, and return to thwart Savage's world-destroying plan. Let's leave it at "killed" for the normals, OK?


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