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Survivor Swings Again

After all these installments, Survivor still kicks ass. It's the only show I watch that generates deep, intense discussion in my family. We pause the show on the TiVo constantly, talking about game theory, the strategies of the various players, counting the votes in Tribal Council. It's a fantastic combination of watching sports and watching a game show.

If you've not watched Survivor because you're afraid it's going to be more like The Real World or The Simple Life, you need to give it a try. It's the smart reality TV show for smart people. (Joe Millionaire -- the original -- was the dumb reality TV show for smart and dumb people, since you asked.)

As for last night's Survivor, it was a replay of one of the most insane decisions any contestant can make: choosing to face a person in the final round whom they like, rather than facing the person who is the most beatable. And so, yet again, the person who won the final immunity challenges ends up selecting the person who will defeat them for a million bucks.

Well played, Millionaire Sandra. And I can't wait to see someone kick Richard Hatch's ass on Survivor All-Stars, coming after the Super Bowl. Rupert, maybe?


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