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ABC Dumps Its Best New Show

After months of insisting that it was just doing some re-tooling and would soon be re-launching, ABC finally shitcanned Karen Sisco today.

I was saving my review of the show for the re-launch, but I guess I'll be saving it a long time now. So let me be brief: Karen Sisco was probably the best new show of the 2003-04 season. It was a breezy, fun crime drama with great main characters and great guest characters. The bad guys were almost always dumb, because let's face it, most bad guys are. Carla Gugino was eye-opening, not only because she's gorgeous but because I had no idea she had a role like this in her.

As for ABC? Well, it's hardly breaking news that network suits often do stupid, stupid things. This is example 14,593,439 of that.


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