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And Now, A W-to-the-O-to-R-to-the-Dizzle from Our Sponsizzle

As someone continually amazed both by our ability to reinvent ourselves and the America public's seemingly limitless tendency to forgive and forget, I've been rather amused by the emergence of Snoop Doggy Dogg as the corporate pitchman du jour. First, it was appearing alongside septuagenarian Jerry Stiller -- now there's a wacky morning drive-time duo -- to proclaim the virtues of AOL. That was followed by a series of ads tied into Nokia's sponsorship of the Sugar Bowl and incomprehensible to anyone over the age of 30.

In short, Corporate America has clasped Snoop to its cash-stuffed bosom. Quite a ride for our Snoop -- from fearsome gangster rapper and defendant on an accessory to murder charge to beloved adult-film impresario, Jimmy Kimmel Live co-host and sought-after product spokesman.

Now I'm not going to make like some editorial writer for a third-rate fishwrap and tut-tut Snoop's evolution into the hip-hop generation's Art Linkletter. Far from it -- I believe this development betides great things for the future of advertising. In fact, I now look forward to the day when I'm watching the 2024 Sugar Bowl with my sons Yzerman and Shanahan, and the three of us are treated to the sight of Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, Pete Rose and the cryogenically-frozen head of Robert Blake saying a few kind words on behalf of the good men and women of Kraft Foods.


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