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Best 'Friends'? We Beg To Differ

USA Today's Robert Bianco claims that the "prom video" episode of Friends was so good it changed the series forever.

This is the episode that brought us Fat Monica -- Courteney Cox dressed up in a fat suit to be the butt of numerous jokes.

Best episode ever? Featuring Fat Monica? In 2000, TeeVee's own Lisa Schmeiser begged to differ and criticized Fat Monica in all her forms. (Yes, as alert nitpicker Matt Deatherage notes, Lisa complained about a different episode. We know. But it's still Fat Monica. Which is kind of the point here.)

(Update: Tim Bland goes one better, insisting that the only real option is that the Friends all die at the end of the series. To which I say: Joey's gotta survive for the spin-off, unless the spin-off is retitled Ghost Joey. Which, come to think of it, doesn't sound too bad!)


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