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Duck Meets Superhero

Some strange things can happen when disparate copyrights are united by corporate mergers and buyouts. I found one over the weekend which was certainly unforseen either by Martin Nodell or Tex Avery: Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers, through a mix-up at the dry cleaners, joins the Green Lantern Corps.

This Duck Dodgers in the 24½ Century cartoon is pretty hip. I have to say I never really liked Tiny Toon Adventures or Animaniacs because the aniamtion quality was downright hideous; but on the evidence of Duck Dodgers, I'd have to say those kwazy Koreans are getting really good. Having seen both the premiere of Dodgers and this episode, I can say this toon, while not as good as the very best Looney Tunes, certainly beats a lot of the lousier shorts.

In addition to using actual Green Lantern characters (including Sinestro and off in the background Guy Gardner) the hipness quotient is enhanced by the villain's being voiced by John DeLancie and the appearance of Hal Jordan hisownself, voiced in another wet-dream wish-fulfilliment career move by uber-comic geek Kevin Smith.

I'm on my way to getting tired of all the hip in modern cartoons, but anything which appeals to my inner comic nerd gets a pass.


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