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Help! Help! The Operating System Is Destroying the City!

I am not presumptuous enough to think that TeeVee is the one-stop online destination for this country's titans of industry -- obviously, titans of industry go to TV Tattle for their television fix -- but I do know that it's a pretty big World Wide Web out there. So the odds are fairly high, I think, that somehow, somewhere, someone out there reading our site is either in the employ of IBM or knows someone who is. And maybe, just maybe, that unknown someone can deliver a message to one of the higher-ups at Big Blue, a mover and/or shaker who knows where all the bodies are buried and can get things done with the snap of a finger. Sam Palmisano, say, or Lou Gerstner, or that machine that keeps whipping Garry Kasparov in chess.

And that message is: those IBM Linux commercials need to disappear from my television set. Now.


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