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NBC: Eviler By the Minute

You know how NBC has had odd start (and end) times for their shows on Thursday nights? ER starting regularly at 9:59, for instance. This is frustrating if, for instance, you have TiVo Season Passes for both ER and CSI. If ER is the higher priority Season Pass, it will be recorded but CSI over on CBS won't because of overlap. (CSI runs from 9 to 10, so it's just that one minute overlap, but TiVo isn't smart enough to realize that). And if CSI is higher on your Season Pass priority list, ER won't record for you. Unless you've tweaked your Passes manually to make 'em reflect these odd times.

Months ago when NBC first made the time changes on Thursday nights, I predicted this would happen. Hoped it wouldn't. But it did. When I started work compiling tv picks for the coming weeks, I noticed that NBC now appears to be making this a regular practice on just about every night of the week. Law & Order: SVU will start at 9:59 on Tuesday nights, where it'll conflict with my Less Than Perfect Season Pass for 9:30-10 p.m. Even Ed now starts at 8:59 p.m., where it'll conflict with my Joan of Arcadia Season Pass. On and on it goes.

It's just stupid, and all kinds of bad. NBC and TiVo still have some kind of partnership, don't they? Do they realize they're making things difficult for folks who use TiVo? And it may mean that folks will miss some new episodes of NBC shows, depending on what shows they've given what priority in their Season Pass manager. Bleah!

Anyway. If you have any Season Passes for NBC shows on your TiVo, you may want to look over your Season Pass manager. Definitely go to your To Do List and look at View Recording History to see if any new episodes of shows you like aren't gonna record 'cuz of conflicts due to this crap.


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