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Loyal reader Tim Bland of Lifetime Movie Title Generator fame writes about an insidious change going on at Game Show Network:

Attention, Game Show Network viewers: like too many cable networks before it, your channel is about to begin trashing its original cozy niche (and fan base) and trying to be everything to everyone. Here's the big clue: the network is changing its name to just its initials: GSN.

Thus, GSN joins the ranks of MTV, VH1, AMC and TLC, networks that intentionally dropped the long forms of their abbreviations so they wouldn't be tied down by, you know, a purpose. (In a league by itself is The Nashville/National/TNN/Spike TV Network, which changes names and branding schemes every couple of months. It even occasionally also changing its lineup in the process.)

When the name goes, so goes the heart of the programming. Give it two years, and game shows will be as scarce on GSN as videos are on MTV. And Sunday on AMC, don't miss that American Movie Classic, "Legal Eagles."

At least AMC is degenerating slowly. GSN is charging headlong into the blight, loading up its schedule with dating nightmares (a new show called Fake-a-Date, hosted by beloved non-cowboy liar Evan "Joe Millionaire" Marriott), hidden-camera discards (Spy TV), and second-run, second-rate reality shows. You know what that means: more Kathy Griffin. You may destroy your television now.

For those who don't get enough of an adrenaline rush from watching people hold and then lay down poker cards on every other channel, one of GSN's new "original" offerings is The World Series of Blackjack -- surely to be followed by The Super Bowl of Nickel Slots, then Monster Coin Flipping.

So, game-show addicts, kiss your Password goodbye as GSN rushes toward the lightning round of homogeny.


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