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Alias Doesn't Stink... Yet

Does Alias "fawking STINK!" as the oddly named Wm.™ Steven Humphrey suggests?

No, but it's teetering a bit more than I'd like these days. First off, there's ABC's treatment of the show, which is airing only once during February sweeps.

Second, and more troubling, is the show's erratic, hiccuping plot structure this season. I've always been a big fan of the show's wacky 90-degree plot twists, and I still am. But right now, it feels as if the show is busy trying to place plot elements in the right locations so that it can build to the season finale. The result is a mid-season mess, with characters shooting off in unlikely directions.

I'm very forgiving of Alias, because there's always another fun twist around the corner. But the show needs to tread very carefully, because it's always been more about style and fun than about plot. If its plot machinations transmogrify it into a leaden, unenjoyable grinding of story gears, it will indeed "fawking STINK!"

Or, in other words, it's time for series creator J.J. Abrams to make another one of those inspired 90-degree turns.


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