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I really don't understand the Nipple Seen 'Round the World entirely. I think half the people talking about this (myself included) are excited to see the nipple of someone from a caste not known for exposing themselves (and further, for the exposure to be of such an ornamental and, let's face it, weird S&M piercing). And apparently half the people are offended. I don't understand my end: Why do we have this celebrity caste system where getting naked is lower on the ladder than not getting naked? And from the other end: Why be offended by someone's breast? Jesus Christ saw Mary's tits.

I remember reading about this Brazilian celebrity. I forget her name now. But in Brazil she's a children's show host and an adult film actress, or something close. They don't see a contradiction there.

Not that I want to model my society on Brazil, what with the dictatorships and genocide of the natives and all. Nevertheless, I admire their care-free attitude towards boobies.


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