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American Anti-Idol

The inherent flaw in American Idol is that you can only vote for someone. I would also like to be able to vote against people. I think that would make this show even more popular. As online bulletin boards, chat rooms, and the e-mail we get on a regular basis all attest, people thrill to the idea of being anonymously nasty. So why not tap into that vein of sublimated maliciousness?

Better still, why not start it for free, then charge people to vote negatively? Imagine the dollars that would roll in! The ugly family scenes as some ninth-grader blows her allowance trying to vote against all the rivals to whichever ambisexual dork ascends to Clay Aiken's throne while her brother votes against the latest teenybopper idol! Chaos and discord are rarely this profitable outside the defense sector.

It's a genius idea. I just hope Fox sends me a cut.


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