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Dan the Big Man

My kids have been wandering into the older-skewed shows on Nickelodeon such as All That and The Amanda Show. The Amanda Show in particular exerts some kind of weird hold on my daughter. I can't explain it. The show is so awful it makes Korman and Conway look like they were doing "King Lear."

One of the names which goes by in the credits on The Amanda Show is Dan Schneider. Which had me wondering: Is this the same Dan Schneider from the great Head of the Class? Last I'd seen Dan -- who, as the wiseass fat kid, was something of a hero of mine, especially when he lost all the weight and got all handsome and stuff -- last I'd seen Dan, he had put on all the weight he'd lost and then some and was playing a big fat guy with a greasy mustache in the Tonya Harding TV movie.

According to the IMDb, at least, this is, in fact, the same Dan Schneider. He's a writer, producer, and show creator, mainly responsible for shows like Drake & Josh.

Alas, Drake & Josh makes What's Happening!! look like Dostoevsky.


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