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The Least Funny SNL Sketch Ever

Last night's The Apprentice was as padded as most final episodes of a Mark Burnett reality show are, but it was still good fun so long as your finger's on the TiVo fast-forward button. And the right guy won.

But what last night's Apprentice finale really taught me is that certain settings (right down to the way a setting is lit) can really be defined by what they're used for.

Okay, that was cryptic. Let me try again. Last night's Apprentice finale ended with a live climax in a reconstituted version of the show's Boardroom set, apparently erected on the stage of Saturday Night Live. And it was lit and shot to be a note-perfect replica of the original. But once the winner was announced, the set pulled away and we were all of a sudden in the same spot you find SNL monologues and sketches. It was lit exactly the way you'd light SNL. In fact, several times I found myself waiting for The Donald to say something wacky, put on his cue cards by the SNL writers.

All because of the setting, and the particular atmosphere of the images that come out of that studio at NBC.

Weird. Next time, Central Park instead? Or live from Trump Tower?


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