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Gone With the 'Wing'

So I'm surfing through TVtattle and reading up on the assorted West Wing links, in part because I'm wondering if anyone's thought to offer a rebuttal to Ken Tucker's latest brooding on the show (I never thought I'd miss the days when he was mooning over Felicity, yet here I am ...) and in part because I am actually enjoying this season in a giddy sort of way, and I am amassing my background material for the likely-to-be-never-written magnum opus, "The West Wing: More fun now that it's gotten over itself."

The previous raving exposition sets up how I stumbled across the Texas City Sun's "Confessions of a West Wing Lover," which is either an absurdist parody on the order of "Waiting for Guffman" or a truly baffling collection of words arranged in an order that appears to make sense only until you actually read them. The part that got my attention is below:


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