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One out of Twelve Ain't Bad

If I'm going to hurl abuse at the richly deserving Fox network when they do something wrong, I figure the least I can do is say nice things about them on the rare occasion when they get something right. Which, in this case, would seem to be renewing Arrested Development for a second season. With any luck, they'll air reruns of this sharp, elegantly funny show over the summer, allowing new viewers to clue in to its general hilarity by the time fall rolls around. So thank you, Fox-- you made the right choice. I promise to insult your inevitable future boneheaded programming decisions with slightly less vitriol.

Also, the five or six fans of the solidly mediocre (but apparently improving) Tru Calling will probably rejoice to know that it, too, seems to be renewed for a second Jason Priestley-enriched season. Because Eliza Dushku is pretty or something, I guess.


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