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Idol Recapping Recap

So now American Idol 3 is all said and done, and for the second consecutive year the pre-finals favorite has swept through to victory. While I did pick this year's winner correctly back in March -- not much of a feat, I'll grant you -- my other predictions were a mixed bag.

In March I correctly picked Leah and Matt as the first two to go. I correctly picked a shockingly early exit for Jennifer, but picked her to go a bit too early. Amy and Camile, I got. Diana Degarmo, I picked to finish seventh. Whoops! I think that goes to show how much better she got as time went along. And I correctly picked the exits of George and La Toya. (Anyone who thought the trio of Jennifer, La Toya, and Fantasia would be in the top three has not been paying attention.)

My biggest mistake, other than Diana, was the survival of Jon Peter Lewis. I admit, I thought his kooky personality would take him further, but his talent level was even lower than we first imagined. Swap Diana with JPL and my picks look a lot better. As for the survival of Jasmine Trias to the final three, all I can say is they must have some very nice power-dialers in Hawaii.

And an Idol finale aside (sorry for the delay, but I just got home from my European vacation and am catching up on May sweeps!): Were the final episodes basically one long apology to Tamyra Gray for hear early booting from the first season of Idol? And does this mean La Toya London will be gracing us with her presence at the finale of American Idol 5?


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