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Gardening on the Turnpike

Allow me to veer ever-so-slightly off-topic from the site to note the general release of "Garden State," the directorial debut of Zach Braff, otherwise known as Dr. John "J.D." Dorian on perennial TeeVee favorite Scrubs.

My wife and I went to see "Garden State" last week. We ended up missing the showing we intended to see and had to hang around for three hours waiting for the next one since the theater was full (despite our tickets) when we went to sit. This is due to the fact that "Garden State" is only playing in tiny artsy movie houses around here, because, geez, it only is written by, directed by, and starring New Jersey's own Zach Braff, who also stars in a very successful sitcom, and the movie just happens to be named "Garden State," so who in New Jersey would want to see it?

The movie has its flaws, I'll grant you that, but let me just say that for the first fifteen minutes, I felt like someone had pulled out my heart and spread it across the screen. If you were to analyze that quarter hour of film, frame by frame, I think you'd understand everything about how I see the world.

I spent the rest of the movie stunned and amazed. Like I said, the film's not perfect by any means, but it found something inside of me. I cannot promise it'll do the same to you.

But I do recommend you give it a try.


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