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Have You No "Pride?"

Is there any more creatively bankrupt phrase in the history of the entertainment industry than "Created by Jeffrey Katzenberg"?

That's the billing of Father of the Pride, NBC's new animated sitcom from Dreamworks, the Katzenberg-led company that brought you "Shrek." "Shrek" was a pretty good movie. Sadly, Dreamworks is also the company that brought you "Antz" and is bringing you "Shark Tale," which judging by its trailer is another embarrassment.

Father of the Pride isn't very good. Not because it's in bad taste following the real-life mauling of Roy Horn, one of the show's secondary characters. Not because the jokesters at the Parents Television Council consider it to be a "TV cartoon that's corrupting our kids."

No, Pride just isn't funny. Instead, it's strained, needlessly (and pointlessly) coarse, and just not particularly funny. In fact, the kooky caricatures of Siegfried and Roy (can you caricature a caricature?) are the funniest thing in the show. Unfortunately, they're not in it much. Instead, we get the leaden family comedy centered on the lions voiced by John Goodman and Cheryl Hines.

"Created by Jeffrey Katzenberg!" Extruded for your entertainment and/or amusement! Soylent Green is people! And Father of the Pride is a piece of overhyped, overpriced junk.


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