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Get to Know "Life as We Know It"

Life as We Know It, premiering tonight on ABC, is an interesting hybrid. People complained that Freaks and Geeks was too much of a downer. And for whatever reason people didn't like Undeclared. So now here's Life as We Know It, which fuses some Freeks and Geeks-style portrayals of high schoolers with a soapier, less realistic series of plot complications and character hook-ups. It's the story of three high school boys -- we're reminded immediately that boys have a sexual thought every five minutes, or was that five seconds? -- and their relationships with one another, with girls, and with their families.

We'll have a full review later, but although we're somewhat on the fence about Life, it's worth a look tonight. The pilot episode's first few minutes are a little bit extreme, but if you watch for the whole hour you'll begin to realize that some (but not all) of the show's characters have hidden depths.


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