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So Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars finally aired Sunday and Monday, bringing some resolution to the story arcs of the characters I followed faithfully though four seasons of episodes.

And Farscape fans everywhere should be happy, because as Sci-Fi Wire reports (TV Barn has the press release), Farscape bowed to boffo ratings!

Now, I would be very happy if this turns out to be this the case. I would like to see more Farscape in the future, be it a new series, a feature film, another miniseries, what have you. And perhaps a 1.5 rating for Sunday's airings and a 1.9 rating for Monday's will mean that.

But you've got to read carefully here. Sci-Fi's ratings "win" is in a laughably restrictive category ("#1 non-sports cable network for P25-54 and P18-49 for the time period"), and not even the Monday airing rated as highly as your average episode of Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis. (Then again, it blew away the ratings for Andromeda -- and let's keep in mind that Stargate's summer airings are up against limited competition.)

It's nice that the Farscape ratings news out here in the outside world is good. Will it be good enough for more happy return of this wacky, weird, complicated and kooky sci-fi series? I hope so, but I'm not going to take Sci-Fi's press release as vindication.

(Update: Leave it to Variety to confirm my gut reaction: The industry bible called Farscape's ratings "so-so.")


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