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A Classic Moment in Half-assed Journalism

Our local Fox affiliate is carrying election coverage by pretty-boy Shepard Smith instead of the national Fox feed. This is great because while we're still getting theoretically fair and balanced coverage, we're safely avoiding the coma-inducing commentary of dueling bromides Brit Hume and Michael Barone.

Anyway, a few moments ago, the electoral votes being where they are, Shepard looked into the camera and said, with just the proper amount of gravitas, "This could, theoretically... turn out... to be........ a tie."

At which time some producer finally dozed off at his console, his drooping brow coming to rest squarely on the button labelled, "DRAMATIC FANFARE."

Shepard barely missed a beat as he stated, "That... that was an accident."

God bless you, inexperienced producer, wherever you are. And wherever you end up working on Wednesday.


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