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Bonus Rather

Dan Rather: "Karl Rove came down from what he calls his batcave in the White House -- I covered the White House for 10 years, Bob Schieffer covered it for 5 or 6, Leslie Stahl for about 8, never heard of a batcave."

If you're counting at home, that's my second batcave reference tonight. Where's Joe Lockhart? Is he at the Hall of Justice?

Dan also referred to the "yellow flag," as in NASCAR racing, and suggested there was a yellow flag over the calling of Ohio.

Dan uses a prominent yellow No. 2 pencil to point at his flat screen showing electoral possibilities. Very low tech. Contrast that to John Roberts of CBS, who stands at the most technically impressive display of the night, a touchscreen with a series of sliding thumnbnails that zoom into full view when pressed. Take that, No. 2 pencil!


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