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Hank Azaria's Powdered Chest

We get some great reader mail. Here's one so great, we just made it a Station Break!

"Is there anything deeply wrong with Showtime's Huff? No. Sure, we don't really need another cable drama about a conflicted psychologist. Sure, it feels a little bit similar to USA Network's Monk. But based on its first two episodes Huff has a lot to offer on its own. It's well written, with an excellent supporting cast.

"So if there is nothing deeply wrong with Huff, why does it make me uneasy? Because after many years of television and movie work, series star Hank Azaria apparently still is deluded that America wants to see him naked.

"I don't know what the problem is. It's very clear that Azaria takes care of his body and does more than the necessary daily requirement of abdominal crunches. It's clear that he grooms himself quite well, shaving the shoulders, pruning the curlies around the belly button, getting rid of all unappealing hair that God has graced him with. Yet despite all of his efforts and hard work, Mr. Azaria cannot accept the fact that he isn't sexy. At one time Helen Hunt may have thought he was the bomb, but to the public it just doesn't fly.

"I know this is unfair. I can't narrow in on the hows and whys of it, but the truth is that America would rather watch a shirtless Andy Dick than Hank Azaria. My wife says that even Tony Shalhoub's paunch is more desirable. Maybe it's unfair that such a great comic actor should be treated this way, but the facts are the facts.

"Please, America, watch Huff -- it's great TV. And please, Mr. Azaria, you're the TV star -- keep your clothes on. We beg you." --David Rout, Teacher and TV Junkie


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