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I Voted; Get Off My Back

I was the 307th person to vote at my polling place, according to the handy LCD display on the front of the scantron machine that accepted my ballot. Because I saw it increment by one, I know that at least my ballot registered. Whether my votes are properly registered is another matter, but at least I can be reasonably sure that I filled out the ovals properly. And people say that standardized testing has no use outside of school!

I live on a street called "Republican", and it was no surprise to see that politically-minded hoodlums had covered up the street signs so that they said "Democrat" this morning. Or they tried to, anyway; the rains of Seattle quickly punish those who think that regular paper is a good vehicle for their political statements.

Four years ago, Slate made a big deal about how they wanted to release exit poll numbers early. They were of the opinion that it wasn't fair that the news media knew ahead of time who was going to win. They seem to have changed their tune somewhat this time. I guess that's probably because last time, it actually took quite some time to hammer out a winner.


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