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It would be a better career choice than "Surviving Christmas"

I'll leave the nuanced critique of the network coverage to the man sitting to my immediate right on the sofa. My complaint about the talky-talky coverage is much more direct:

This campaign has been silly with celebrities lobbying for the candidate of their choice. Bruce Springsteen, the cast of The O.C. (with the exception of the creepy-looking Misha Barton, who may well have been asked by either party to stay away lest she scare off voters), Brad Pitt, um ... the list goes on. I don't dare because I might begin confusing actual celebrity endorsements with Team America puppets.

In any event, I can't go a week without picking up some glossy and seeing Ben Affleck humping John Kerry's leg. Maybe it's a desperate attempt to fill the void where Matt Damon once stood. Maybe it's genuine engagement in the political process.

Whatever it is ... the fact remains that the J Lo-free Ben Affleck is all in our face with this political thing. The network coverage is D-U-L-L, dull. Why have we not booted whatever dull wonk is busy blah-blah-blahing with footage of Ben Affleck and the Dixie Chicks attempting to cover the campaign? It would be entertaining, at least. And it would also serve these people right. You want the public platform when it comes to talking politics. Fine -- you get it, all the way to the bitter end. Now entertain me!


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