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Just Kill Us Now

The round table of talking corpses at Fox News is looking more and more desperate about the lack of news in the remaining too-close-to-call states. Shockingly, they even seem to have run out of minutiae to bloviate on. Breaks are coming fast and furious, but the members of this crack team have clearly run out of last legs, and are rapidly whittling their last hips and pelvises down to bloody nubs.

A few minutes ago, Brit Hume -- who was already getting punchy by 8 o'clock Eastern -- called upon Michael Barone for assistance, imploring him with eyes both pleading and intense for any tiny spark of hope that an end to his suffering might be near. Barone, explaining his reasoning in typical excrutiating detail, refused to give an inch. Brit looked like he might cry, and Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes shifted uncomfortably in their seats, seats that must by now be feeling like upholstered iron maidens, as Fox quickly cut to another break.

Like Jason, I can't help but think that the cable news networks' pain is our gain. Finally, some indication that something was learned from the embarrassment of 2000. If cooler heads can prevail in the breathless domain of Fox News, maybe it's still possible for the rest of this country to eventually return to reasoned discourse.

We shall see...


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