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Take That, TiVo!

It took some doing, but I have managed to restore the balance of power between myself and my seditious TiVo. Calling upon a hitherto unknown cache of stealth, I painstakingly eased the TiVo remote from beneath my sleeping wife. Upon regaining control, I immediately banished the Fab Five to the nether regions, where, I have no doubt, they will be quite comfortable.

...only to discover that the Fox pundits had, in the interim, crawled back into their coffins to await another day. In their place is a typical talking headette, discussing the new horrors that tomorrow will bring. Is it true? Have the news networks already given up on a one-day election?

All I know is that this twelve pack has at least another couple of hours in it. It, and I, shall tarry for a while to see what transpires.


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