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Vote or Die in a Hideous Gang Shooting

P. Diddy is in Democracy Plaza!

You know, Puffy is more coherent than I expected. But he's also standing by an ice-skating rink with gigantic state shapes projected onto it. By which, I mean to say, perhaps he looks like a reasonable fellow only in comparison to his ridiculous surroundings.

Tom Brokaw has actually said "P. Diddy" on the air. Now you can retire, Tom. You've done the Diddy.

"We'll be back from Democracy Plaza," says Tom. I suddenly have a vision of Tom Brokaw in a red cape, jumping into his invisible plane and flying out of Democracy Plaza to fight injustice in undemocratic lands. How to find Democracy Plaza? Just make a right at the Hall of Justice and hang a left at the Batcave.


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