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Look Around You

So a friend of mine lives in London, and apparently keeps bumping into TV producers and telling them about TeeVee. Or at least she bumped into one: Peter Serafinowicz, the producer of the very odd BBC import Look Around You. So Peter dropped us a line, encouraging us to check out his show on BBC America: "It's a series of surreal parodies of 1970s educational films and was a cult success over here."

That's about right. Look Around You (airing on BBC America at -- appropriately enough -- very odd times) is strange, short (about 10 minutes per episode), and really hilarious. Every episode has a weathered '70s film look and makes bizarre pronouncements about the nature of the universe. For example, did you know that science is an acronym for Super-Corroborative Information on Everything and Nothing in the Cosmos and Earth?

Look Around You is a TV show for smart people full of really dumb jokes. And it's definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.


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