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Quite possibly the greatest moment in cinema from the last few years -- maybe even of all time -- is contained in Woody Allen's "Anything Else." In this scene, Christina Ricci and Jason Biggs are having a conversation. I can't remember what it was about -- honestly, I'm not sure I remember what the entire movie was about -- but the important part is, Ricci spends the entire scene in her underwear.

This is easily one of the most noble uses of the medium of film.

The other night I found PBS running "Annie Hall" -- in widescreen, no less -- and what I discovered, watching it for the first time, is that Woody Allen is not just a dirty old man. He was a dirty young man, too, and apparently has always filmed his actresses in their underwear. "Annie Hall" has, not one scene, but two in which conversations are held with women in their underwear. In this case, the women are Diane Keaton and Shelley Duvall, so we're not talking Great Moments in Film, but there they are nevertheless.

In case you want to check it out -- it's not a bad little movie, "Annie Hall" -- it's playing on channel 13 (PBS in New York City) Tuesday, January 4, at midnight. It is almost certainly showing on other PBS stations across this fair land of ours.


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