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More Proof, If Proof Were Needed

I know that I'm always right, but since not everyone seems to agree on that, occasionally I do like to find proof that I am right.

So here's your proof that Committed is a steaming puddle of diarrhetic dog poop: Heather Havrilesky stepped in it, and she likes the smell. Or, in her words: "the jokes on this show are a little bit bolder and scrappier and less p.c. than they are on other sitcoms" and "leads Jennifer Finnigan and Josh Cooke aren't anything like the typical guy-girl sitcom leads of recent memory. In other words, they're funny."

Oh, no they're not. They're so unfunny, metaphors fail me. They're as funny as the least funny thing in the universe. I believe it might be possible to prove mathematically that they are not only the least funny people in history, but that they are the least funny it is posssible for humans to be.

Compared to Committed, Dharma & Greg... metaphors fail me again. Compared to Committed, Dharma & Greg was the funniest TV show of all time.

Just in case you didn't get my point yet: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, WATCH NBC'S Committed.

Everyone clear now?


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