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Spoonerism Nose Ugnoticed

I TiVoed a bunch of episodes from BBC America's marathon of Benny Hill last Saturday. Thank the God of Television (the little-known Greek muse Zworyia) that I had some free boob tube time a week earlier and tuned in to Fawlty Towers (my favorite episode, too: "Going to see Mr. O'Reilly, dear!") where I saw the promo for the Benny Hill run. I mean, I haven't seen Benny since his show ran on channel 9 in New York back in the day -- so long ago, channel 9 wasn't UPN and occasionally ran Doctor Who too.

Today I had a free moment to watch a couple of skits and I caught Benny introducing his singing group saying, "They'll now sing a bowlful of salad,I mean a soulful ballad."

Can you believe that putting "bowlful of salad" into Google only brings up sincere pages on dieting?


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