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How Soon They Forget

Not that I enjoy quibbling with our good pals at Television Without Pity, but I can't let slide one particular statement in the site's Oscar blow-by-blow.

It's this one: "6:27 PM PT -- Wow, great job "shortening" the ceremony with a schmaltzy filler sequence about Johnny Carson -- who was a TV host, not a movie actor."

Folks, Carson hosted the Oscars five times. Four times in succession in the '70s/'80s. For many people, he was the definitive Oscar host. In our era, I guess the equivalent would be Billy Crystal.

The way I figure it, being the definitive Oscar host qualifies you to be honored by the Oscars. But most annoying is that the TWoP folks sound like they don't even understand why Carson was being honored. If you want to comment snarkily on pop culture, shouldn't you at least be familiar with pop culture?

Nothing against TWoP -- in fact, some of our best friends are TWoP recappers. But that was one dumb comment. Not Sean Penn-dumb, but still dumb.

By the way, Sean, Jude Law called. His dry-cleaning is ready. Can you be a dear and go pick it up for him? There's a lad.


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