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My Very Best Friend, It's True

Say what you want about Kelly Ripa. Maybe you don't like her. Maybe you think Regis was better off without her, or you're certain she torpedoed Ed by appearing as Ed's girlfriend for a few episodes. Perhaps she rubs you the wrong way on that sitcom she's on, Hope & Faith or Charity & Chastity or Sloth & Gluttony or whatever it is.

Say what you want about her. But do it at your own peril, because I LOVE Kelly Ripa. I love her to pieces. I find her absolutely wonderful in everything she does. Is it her smile? Is it her wit? Or is it simply that I'm attracted to women who are completely deranged?

I can't say. I haven't been in therapy long enough yet.

But darling Kelly is on the cover this month, of all magazines, of the Ladies Home Journal. I actually bought a copy of it today because I couldn't resist and I had to explain myself to the cashier in a totally different way than I usually do. "I'm only buying it for the pictures," I found myself admitting sheepishly.

Darling Kelly is on the cover taking a bubble bath and coquettishly hiding her bosom behind two rubber duckies.

Now that's my kind of woman.


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