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Seacrest, In

So last week I was ranting to Phil in an iChat session about American Idol, a show that I inflicted on him last year and that I gather he and Lisa are not watching this year. Their prerogative.

My complaints were specifically about show host Ryan Seacrest, who does a serviceable job and is brilliantly, fabulously not Bryan Dunkleman.

Jason: You know what would make me like Ryan Seacrest more?

Phil: His violent death at the hand of gibbons?

Jason: If he started every show by saying "Seacrest, IN!"

You see, Ryan Seacrest has decided that the way people will remember him and treasure the time they spend with him is by always using the sign-off, "Seacrest... OUT!"

So of course, last night on Idol we come back from a commercial break to hear him say, "Seacrest... IN! The Coca-Cola Red Room."

Good God, Seacrest, are you out there? In any event, I will never mock you again.

Okay, that was a lie. But you are so much better than Dunkleman now, it's not even funny.


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