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Super Bowl XXXIX: All Errata Edition

Laurel Krahn of TVPicks.net writes to inform me that I erred in my Super Bowl alternatives piece to your immediate right when I said that the WB was airing all new episodes of Summerland tonight. They are not.

I repeat: Do not watch Summerland tonight if you are expecting new episodes. You will be bitterly disappointed. For the love of God in His heaven, AVERT YOUR EYES FROM SUMMERLAND OR REAP THE CONSEQUENCES!

Also, I apparently misspelled Paula Deen's last name. I will apologize to her the minute she does likewise to my arteries.

On an unrelated note, my wife just flipped past ESPN's figure skating coverage and exclaimed, without a hint of irony, "Oooh, it's Irina Slutskaya!"

If you say so, darling.


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