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Super Bowl XXXIX: Pre-Game Blather

[Ed. Note: Philip Michaels will be favoring us with live, in-game Super Bowl blogging this afternoon, when he isn't busy preparing barbecue beef sandwiches, drinking, or wishing to God that he had followed through on his annual pledge not to watch the game.]

I have no use for pregame hype. The way I figure it, we've just been subjected to two weeks of pregame hype. Unless there is some breaking news to report -- Donovan McNabb and David Akers were spotted late last night defecting to Cuba! -- there is nothing to say about the Super Bowl that has not already been said in the preceding 14 days. And even if there is, I doubt that Terry Bradshaw and Company possess the cranial capacity to say it.

As if to test my theory, I turned on Fox's bloated pregame show just after 2 p.m. PT today to hear James Brown gush about what a wonderful host city Jacksonville has proven to be this week. (Given the widespread reports of traffic problems, cab and hotel shortages, and cranky high rollers, I can only assume NFL Commissioner Paul Taglibue has Brown's loved ones stashed away in a safe house to extract such an obviously coerced endorsement.) And then Brown launched into an introductory preamble about the status of Terrell Owens' ankle.

Click. Back to the Puppy Bowl for me.


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