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We Will Rock You

I, for one, do not understand what all the fuss is over The Rock hosting the Academy Awards. The way people are carrying on, you'd think that The Rock was planning to smash all the winners over the head with a steel chair, which he will absolutely not do, unless their acceptance speeches run long.

Sure, there's always a chance that The Rock will pull a heel turn haflway through the ceremony, but that's always a risk whenever you have a pro wrestler anywhere. Just keep someone else standing in the wings -- Stone Cold Steve Austin maybe, or even Triple H -- to challenge The Rock to a steel cage match if he gets out of line.

Sheesh. It's not like they're having Nikolai Volkoff or The Iron Sheik host the ceremony. Now that would be distasteful, especially after The Sheik started his "U.S.A. ptooey, Million Dollar Baby, ptooey. Iran, number one, The Incredibles, number one" shtick.


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