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Attack of the Show

Loyal reader Aaron wrote in to say: G4, which is known recently for committing hara-kiri with their viewership, has done it again. One of the formerly-great shows on the network, 'The Screen Savers', is going to undergo a name change. The new title: 'Attack of the Show'. This is the worst title for a television show in the history of the medium. I'd hate to see what they rejected.

O, for the halcyon days of The Screen Savers. Though you are gone now, long shall I revel in your thirty minute feature about the tit bounce algorithm from Dead or Alive 3. Undulating cleavage of Lei Fang, we hardly knew ye.

I'll probably get my dork card revoked for this statement, but I consider the new name an improvement in every possible way.

And let's hope Aaron doesn't read this post, because I happen to have the considered-but-rejected show titles right here:

  • Return of the Show
  • The Empire Strikes Show
  • Attack of the Clerk at Gamestop That Won't Let You Return the Xbox Game You Copied
  • Shut-Ins 'n' Stuff
  • Game Eye For The Thirty Year Old Guy That Still Lives With His Mom
  • G4-nicating Is Not Even An Option
  • The Show With the Games
  • Go Game Console! Game Console, Go! Go Go Go, Console, Game Console, Go!
  • Spice is Two Channels Up, But Please Come Back After You've Wiped Off the Couch

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