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Large Actress Wanted to Play Psychopath, As Usual

Forget Kirstie Alley’s Fat Actress. The Fat Actress I want to hear from is Lindsay Hollister. First of all because Lindsay isn’t Hollywood fat, she’s actually really big. Which takes balls, to be that large and still pursue a career in TV acting. And second, because of the roles she’s played: On Nip/Tuck, she was a woman who killed herself because she was fat. On Law & Order: SVU, she was a woman who killed other people because she was fat. And recently on Scrubs, she was a woman who got yelled at by Dr. Kelso because she was fat.

I detect a pattern here.

And what I want to hear from Lindsay is this: When she takes these roles, how does she feel? Does she say to herself, “Man, another crazy porker. When will I get to do some Shakespeare or Mamet?” Or does she think, “Oh good, money. Now I can pay the mortgage next month.” Or does she think, “Ha! Take that, Conchata Ferrell and Camryn Manheim, I’ve cornered the market on fatties!”

--Chris Rywalt
April 6, 10:27 AM


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