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Amazing Fixes

I wholeheartedly endorse Phil's plan to fix The Amazing Race, and in fact would also like to subscribe to his newsletter.

However, let me rail again about the one thing about this (otherwise excellent) show that drives me up a tree: the constant equalizations that reward people who have fallen far behind, while punishing those who excel.

Last night's finale featured this multiple times. In the end, Uchenna and Joyce won -- which I knew a few months ago, thanks to a spoiler-hungry Vidiot who shall remain nameless (MONTY!) -- because Rob and Amber made one final mistake and went to the wrong intersection while looking for a cigar shop in Miami.

Them's the breaks. But let's recall that at one point on this leg Rob and Amber had a three-hour lead on one team and a seven-hour lead on the other. All of it wiped away by a queue-up at a location that didn't open until early morning. And Rob and Amber's idiotic mistake at the high-dive roadblock was wiped away as well.

There's just too much of that. I understand the need to keep some drama in the race, but to completely equalize the teams just seems unfair.

And by the way, one other minor gripe? When Phil (Keoghan, not Michaels) says "a race around the world," I expect him to mean it. Not "a race that gets as far as India and then pivots back round and heads west until it hits Miami."


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