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Lost and Found

Like Chris Rywalt, my enthusiasm for Lost had diminished somewhat from its heady early episodes. However, the past few weeks have definitely given me the sense that major plot machinery was kicking into gear -- that the show's writers suddenly knew where they are going to be heading next season, and having a strong imperative to drive us to a season-ending cliffhanger.

And what a cliffhanger last night's episode was. No, it didn't reveal any of the show's secrets, but it did drizzle in some new information, ask several new questions, and most importantly, creep me out. ("The numbers are bad!")

The other week I was on a radio show, and the interviewer asked me what the best show on TV right now is. Lost was my answer, and after seeing its whiz-bang finale, I don't regret that answer at all. It's the best season-ender I've seen since the second year of Alias. I can't wait for the second season of Lost... but first I'm going to watch the finale again.


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