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But We Think Bobby Flay Is a Bit of an Asshole

[A fish, yodelling!]We here at TeeVee love very few things with all our dark, bitter hearts -- you can count them on one hand, without even using the middle finger because it's already booked through next year.

We love the smell of napalm in the morning. We love brown paper packages tied up with string. We love Alton Brown. We love yodelling fish. And we love the fact that the Food Network thinks that anybody actually reads this site and was willing to pay us cash money to advertise Iron Chef America.

Hey! TeeVee reader(s)! Watch Iron Chef America! Watch the Iron Chef America videos linked above! And maybe watch that Emeril guy, too -- boy, his star has faded a bit, hasn't it?

And spread the word that we can be had, cheap!


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