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How High My Concept

Caught Prison Break this week -- the first premiere of the fall season, no less! My short review: I liked it enough to be willing to watch another episode, but I'm not sold yet.

It certainly doesn't have the weight of a Lost, but Prison Break may have the chance to pull off the same ridiculous, credulity-stretching thrill ride that 24 excels at.

My major complaint: I want more of the guy who's breaking out of prison, and less of the shadowy conspiracy people outside the prison's walls. Oh, and a lot less of Condemned John Doe's lawyer ex-girlfriend.

It's fun to see a show with such a high concept make it on the air, though. If they can pull it off, and keep moving the story along from week to week as if we're just watching a really long movie, it'll be a beauty to behold.

But I'm not making it a Season Pass on my TiVo just yet.


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