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CNN Blows It: Rehnquist Dies, Larry Gabs

I came home from a football game Saturday night and flipped on the news, as I've been doing a lot this week in the wake of what CNN calls Killer Hurricane Katrina!

CNN has been my first news choice for a long time. Fox News Channel is unacceptable, not because it's biased but because it's so bad. But I admit that I've been surfing around a bit during this story, because each network only has so much material that it then endlessly recycles.

But to my horror, CNN was showing a rerun of a Very Special Episode of Larry King Live wherein celebrities tell you how important it is -- and it is, don't get me wrong -- for you to donate money to hurricane relief efforts. I rolled my eyes as always, because I find Larry King unwatchable even under the best of circumstances. He and his phone callers get in the way of real news. And this was a rerun of a pre-taped show!

So I turned over to MSNBC, where I discovered a banner headline that read: CHIEF JUSTICE REHNQUIST DEAD. Blink. Turned to Fox News: REHNQUIST DIES. Wow. Big news. Back to CNN: Larry King talking to Sela Ward about how she used to live in New Orleans. Oh my.


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