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I Like It, I Love It, I've Had Enough Of It

I do not question ABC's decision to use that song by Tug McGraw's kid as the background to a tightly edited package of NFL highlights during halftime on Monday Night Football. It's an entertainment show, and music and highlights go together like stink and Warren Littlefield-produced pilots.

But who thought it was a good idea to have all 16 weeks of highlights played to one single song, over and over again, with changes to the lyrics to make them topical? Once is enough, kids. Pick 16 great songs and run with it.

By the way, I enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel's 60-second non-sequitur this week, in which he interviewed "legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback Clay Aiken" about how to throw a pass and how Brett Favre can work his way out of his slump. It may not be classic comedy, but it beats hearing more from Tug McGraw's kid, let me tell you.


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