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The 2005 TeeVee Dead Pool!

TeeVee Dead PoolMan, don't you just hate it when you've got this gnawing sensation that you've forgotten something? Like there's something really important you're supposed to take care of, and you just plumb forgot to do it? That's the way I've been feeling lately -- normally, I'm a pretty organized cat, but I can't quite shake the sense that I dropped the ball on something fairly critical.

So let's go down the list here. Let's see... Water the plants? Nope. Took care of that this morning. Feed the pets? The little bastards seem alive and well to me. Did I leave a pie in the oven? Checking... checking... we are pie-free. Uh oh... did I forget to put on pants again this morning? Well, that would explain the strange looks on the train into work. But... nope. There they are. Huh.

Oh, you know what it is? I totally forgot to do the 2004-05 Dead Pool. Don't know how I let that escape my attention. And judging by the one or two reader e-mails that trickle in each month, some of you people are wondering the exact same thing.

"Hey, where's the Dead Pool, you jerks?" asked one.

"The Dead Pool is the only reason I bother with your garbage Web site," offered another disappointed customer.

"Concerned about the size of your package?" wrote a third. "This patch will take care of any and all problems in the bedroom."

OK, apparently not everyone who writes us is all that concerned about the Dead Pool's unexplained absence. But enough people were that we feel like some sort of explanation is in order for why we mothballed our annual contest to correctly pick the first canceled show of the Fall TV Season.


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